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PVC Fittings Online WarehousePVC Fittings Online began in 2011, when the owners of CIS (A commercial supply company) realized the need for an e-commerce store to fill a large void in the residential / consumer PVC fittings marketplace. Today, PVC Fittings Online is a leader in plumbing supply. Located in the Southeast U.S., our facility is home to thousands of products that we buy on a large scale to bring you the lowest prices possible.

We offer schedule 40 and 80 PVC pipe and fittings along with CPVC fittings and PVC accessories to the US market and abroad. Though we've grown, the concept has always stayed the same: Offer the Best Products at the Best Prices, and Do It without Compromising Service!

At PVC Fittings Online we pride ourselves on our experience and service. From the minute you pick up the phone or place an order online, you will find yourself working with highly experienced people who know the product inside-out and are ready to work with you to complete the job. From start to finish we partner with you to accommodate your needs, budget, and deadlines. Call us up or purchase with us online today and let us show you the difference we can make on your next PVC project or job.

PVC Fittings Online

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