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PVC Duct Blastgates

PVC duct blast gates are used to concentrate suction for collection of dust and debris in a duct system. This specialty fitting can be opened and closed to accomplish different functions in venting and redirecting fumes and contaminants.

Blast gate fittings are unique contraptions that can be opened and closed to allow and block air flow in a duct system. Our blast gates are made of PVC and come in a wide range of sizes to suit your application. They are even available in small sizes down to 2 inches!

Generally, blast gates are left closed during standard operation and can be opened to concentrate the pull or suction of contaminants like dust. A duct system may even have multiple blast gates at different points to accomplish multiple purposes. In PVC duct systems that are large and powerful, it may be necessary to keep some blast gates open at all times in order to prevent too much suction within the duct. For this reason, it is important to plan our positioning of these fittings strategically.

Our PVC duct blast gates come in sizes up to 24 inches. Depending on how many you order, some sizes may require a few days to manufacture, as these are fairly specialized fittings. Most items, however, are stock and ship next day. Shop our selection today and save on all your PVC duct fittings!

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