Sch 40 PVC Fittings

Schedule 40 PVC fittings are sturdy and relatively inexpensive. The term “schedule 40” refers to the strength and thickness of the pipe. Sch 40 pipe and fittings are designed to handle pressure use making it great for a house’s water supply where other pipes without this designation will burst. Since the pipe is rigid, fittings are used which are cemented in place using PVC primer and solvent cement. Users do not need to be licensed plumbers to install or repair PVC pipe. PVC connectors are available in hundreds of different configurations and can be used to build indoor and outdoor furniture, toys, tools, water lines and anything the user can imagine.

There are a variety of different connectors which can be used to get the desired length and shape of the pipe. Ells are “L” shaped elbows and they create a 90 degree angle. Tees are in the shape of a “T.” which allows one line to tie into a horizontal line without any trouble. A cross connector forms a “plus sign” shape with four pipes that connect at the center. Coupling connectors allow two pipes to connect in a straight line and this allows long lengths of pipe to be installed. Adapters allow PVC to be installed regardless of the original pipes.

The adapter allows PVC pipe to connect to polyethylene pipe, iron or copper piping with no need to replace the home’s entire plumbing system. Bushings can be cemented or threaded connectors and can be used to connect a smaller pipe to a larger one or to reduce the larger pipe supplying smaller lines. A PVC union is a specialty connector that is used in specific applications such as irrigation, quick-connect for water hoses, spas, swimming pools, fish tanks and more. PVC saddles are a great way to add a water line without a lot of work. Caps and plugs create ends to the pipe. The caps can be cemented or threaded in place over the pipe’s end and if additional piping is needed, the cap is removed and the new pipe is added. Plugs cement inside the pipe so the end of the pipe is smooth.

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