Sch 80 CPVC Wyes

In applications that require the mixing of two solutions, Schedule 80 CPVC Wyes allow for the combination of two flows into one pipe. This is common in chemical mixing situations, such as in chemical processing plants and factories or other industrial applications. Wyes can also be used to split one flow into two distinct branches. This is often done in areas where one large main line needs to be split into two smaller branches to service different areas of a lab, factory or plant. These can also be used to split water into multiple lines for irrigation purposes.

Wyes perform a similar function to tee fittings, but with a different angle. Wyes use a 45-degree angle, forming the distinctive “Y” shape, rather than the 90-degree angle of the tees. This smaller angle allows for less friction and disruption of flow. This is important in applications where an interrupted flow path would create problems, such as when dealing with wastewater. Because they are made from one seamless piece of CPVC, these Schedule 80 CPVC wye fittings allow for smooth flow without the friction common in welded or metal fittings.

Schedule 80 CPVC wyes are made from highly durable and thick CPVC. This means that they can withstand acids, bases and solvents, making them an excellent choice for chemical mixing applications. Also, the CPVC material is flame retardant and can withstand high temperatures, so these wyes work well in applications that require the transport of hot liquids. These fittings are connected to pipes using strong adhesive to ensure that the joints are as durable as the pipe and fitting. Some wye fittings feature a uniform diameter size for all three ends, ranging from 1 ½ inches to 8 inches in diameter. Others feature a smaller diameter on the angled arm, with sizes ranging from 2 inches by 1 ½ inches all the way to 8 inches by 6 inches.

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