Schedule 80 PVC Pipe (Gray)

For high-pressure, high temperature applications, this schedule 80 PVC pipe is the right fit. It has a maximum operating temperature of 140 degrees Fahrenheit and a higher maximum pressure than schedule 40 pipe, with the maximum pressure depending on the pipe size. Schedule 80 pipe is also more corrosion resistant and durable than other pipe options, making these popular in chemical applications, such as factories and chemical processing plants. These pipes can also be used in home plumbing applications and commercial plumbing setups. All of the schedule 80 PVC pipe we offer meets ASTM D1784 Standards, and these pipes are NSF-14 Certified.

We carry schedule 80 PVC pipe ranging in size from 1/2 inch diameters to 10 inches, with larger sizes available. We sell our pipe in 5 foot sections to avoid oversize package charges. Unfortunately, we cannot cut pipe to special lengths due to labor and shipping restrictions. Add the right schedule 80 fittings, and you can create the custom layout you need. The pipe can be used with fittings that slip into place or fittings that screw into place, depending on the setup. Slip or socket style ends can be connected using a PVC solvent cement.

Schedule 80 PVC pipe is thicker than its schedule 40 counterparts. This makes it more durable, so it can withstand higher temperatures and pressures. The outside diameters of schedule 80 pipe are the same as that of schedule 40 pipe. Since the pipe material is thicker, this means that the interior diameter is slightly smaller. As such, there can be a slight decrease in flow when using schedule 80 PVC than when using schedule 40. Often, the increase strength is important in the applications that call for schedule 80, so this slight decrease in flow is not important. If you are in the market for Schedule 80 pipe, call PVC Fittings Online to discuss your needs.

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