Metal Clamp Hangers

Metal clamp hangers, also known as riser clamps, are a type of pipe support used to secure vertical pipes and prevent them from slipping. Typically, these are located at the floor opening and they wrap around the pipe where the wide flanges of the clamp hold it in place. This differs from the way that a PVC clamp hanger operates. Feel free to browse our selection of metal clamp hangers below or keep reading to learn more about this type of clamp hanger.

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Metal clamp hangers are different from other types of pipe support. They are built to stabilize and support vertical piping. While other pipe support and hangers let pipes hang, clamp hangers fit securely around the pipes they are supporting. They can be used with piping made of various materials and use friction to transfer weight from the pipe to the building structure. Metal clamp hangers are also built simply. They are made of two flanges, two bolts, and two nuts. This makes the process of attaching and securing the metal clamp hanger around the pipe a relatively easy process.

The metal clamp hangers that we offer come in sizes ranging from ½” to 4” and are designed to fit standard iron pipes. They also come in both electro galvanized and copper coated, depending on your preference. All sizes and materials of our metal clamps can withstand up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. These durable metal clamps are built to last and are sure to meet your pipe support needs!

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