PVC Clamp Hangers

PVC clamp hangers are a type of clamp hanger that specialize in supporting pipes, cables, wires, and conduits. While PVC clamp hangers are similar to metal clamp hangers, their specialties and purposes differ. This type of pipe hanger is also significantly easy to use, as it has the ability to click shut without much effort. Keep reading to find out more information about this easy-to-use clamp hanger and browse our selection below!

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PVC clamp hangers are used to support and hang cable, wire, conduit, tubing, and pipe on a variety of surfaces. They can add support from floors, walls, and even overhead. Not only are PVC clamp hangers efficient, they look neat and sleek as well. This type of clamp hanger is also the easiest to use. Whether PVC clamp hangers need to be attached or removed, they only require a squeeze and click. This feature makes one-handed pipe mounting a breeze. Often PVC clamp hangers are reusable as well.

Our PVC clamp hangers come in a variety of sizes, ranging from 1/8” to 4”. They are for indoor and outdoor use, without the risk of corrosion or damage. The lightweight, IPS PVC material allows the clamp hanger to be extremely flexible without sacrificing durability and strength. These PVC clamp hangers can be used with IPS piping. Our PVC clamp hangers will provide our customers with the perfect balance of ease and reliability, ensuring that their pipes are secure, no matter the location.

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