Pipe Hangers

Here at PVC Fittings Online, we try to solve all possible problems you could have with your piping systems / installation. One of those problems presents itself in many applications, especially those requiring larger setups: how to support long stretches of pipe. Even PVC pipe can get quite heavy when carrying fluid, and allowing pipe to sag is a quick way to end up with cracks and leaks.

Pipe clamps / hangers are solid pieces of equipment that attach to a wall, ceiling, or floor and hold onto a piece of piping. Our CLIC® Type pipe hangers are compatible with a wide range of piping, including both IPS and CTS pipe sizes. Browse our inventory below. Call if you have any questions!

CLIC® Plastic Pipe Hangers / Clamps that Work

We carry a range of Spears CLIC® Pipe Hangers. These pipe hangers are durable, flexible, and easy to use!  They are made of an economical yet tough co-polymer that can carry a great deal of weight while still being flexible enough to open and close repeatedly. The unique CLIC® design allows the user to quickly and easily mount pipe. You can even install piping with one hand! All you need to do is apply light pressure to the inside of the pipe hanger and it will automatically click shut! For more information on these products, talk to one of our trained product experts by calling (866) 777-7990! We will help you select the right products and get the best prices!
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