Classroom DIY Ideas with PVC

DIY Ideas for Teachers with PVC

If learning is magic, then the classroom is where the magic happens. Growing up, children and teenagers spend a huge amount of time inside a classroom. That environment should be organized and contain everything a student needs to receive an excellent education.

The contents of a classroom can also promote imagination and investigation, leading to new and unplanned learning experiences. In order to foster an environment that promotes spontaneous learning, teachers must get creative.

Here you can find a variety of different DIY ideas for classroom use that involve PVC pipe. These crafts range from pre-K to high school-level applications, so you will definitely be able to find something for your classroom.

These projects are divided into two categories.The first is DIY classroom organization ideas. This includes anything that helps the flow of learning go uninterrupted. One project that makes learning easier is a DIY index card holder that can keep all those index cards organized.

To keep the classroom supplies organized, there are PVC pipe storage shelves. To help students experience things firsthand, make a PVC pipe sensory table. Those are just a few of the great projects for classroom organization you can make.

The second category of our classroom DIY ideas is PVC musical instruments. You’d be amazed the kinds of sounds one can make by blowing air into a PVC pipe. These projects can create a love for music and engineering in students if you have them build the instruments.

A few of the PVC musical instruments you can make are a flute, trombone, and a xylophone. These are great for beginner musicians or talented students who are curious about alternative ways to make music.

DIY Classroom Organization Ideas

PVC Musical Instruments

So why PVC? Most of these projects could be purchased in their finished form without all the hassle of putting it together, so why bother making it? The biggest reason to use PVC in the classroom is how inexpensive it is.

PVC pipe is a product that can be purchased at low prices. Second, PVC is versatile and can be taken apart. Classrooms don’t always have a lot of extra space, so having the ability to disassemble these items for easier storage may be essential. Finally, creating something as complicated as a xylophone out of something as simple as PVC pipe shows students that imagination makes anything possible!

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