DIY Community Service Projects

PVC dog bed eagle scout project

Service projects benefit schools, religious organizations, or the community as a whole. These kinds of projects are good for the community and make you feel great! These could be anything from teaching a class to cleaning up a park to donating to your local animal shelter.

Service projects are frequently done by organizations such as the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts. To attain the highest ranks and awards of these organizations, members must devise and execute a service projects.

We have compiled lists of Eagle Scout projects ideas for Boy Scouts, Gold Award project ideas for Girl Scouts, and other general DIY service projects for scouts or anyone who wants to benefit their community!

All of these service projects ideas use PVC pipe in some way to create an item that can be used or donated. Several of these are animal shelter project ideas and will benefit pets without owners.

Many of these projects could also be Cub Scout projects ideas, but they would need to be undertaken by a group with an adult leader. Construction of some of these crafts definitely require adult supervision as well. Regardless of who completes these projects, they will benefit people or animals and make a positive impact on their lives!

Eagle Scout Project Ideas

Eagle Scout is the highest rank attainable in the Boy Scouts. One of the major requirements for attaining this rank is to complete a service project for your school, church, or community.

These easy Eagle Scout Projects ideas can be undertaken by a single dedicated Boy Scout or by a team of like-minded individuals working toward a common goal. Grab some PVC pipe and put these Boy Scout projects ideas to the test!

Gold Award Project Ideas

The Gold Award is the closest equivalent to Eagle Scout for Girl Scouts. It is awarded to a Girl Scout in high school who undertakes a project that solves a community problem.

These Girl Scout projects ideas focus on teaching and social issues, as many Gold Award projects fall into these categories. Each of these scout project ideas use a PVC craft you can make yourself to assist in the project.

  • • Display Information in Classes with a PVC Easel

  • • Collect Donated Clothing on a PVC Clothing Rack

  • • Teach Dance Classes with a PVC Ballet Barre

  • • Teach Reading Classes with PVC Whisper Phones

  • • Teach Basic Electrical Skills with a PVC Electric Fan

  • • Install PVC Bird Houses in Local Park

  • • Raise Money for Good Cause with PVC Fair Booth

General Service Project Ideas

These service project ideas can be performed at anytime by anyone! Boy Scout and Girl Scout troops often perform service projects as a group and are able to produce huge results in their communities.

These DIY service projects can also be undertaken by any non-scouts motivated to make a difference!

  • • Deliver Goodies to Retirement Home Residents with a PVC Utility Cart

  • • Make a PVC Kids Playhouse for Local Kindergarten

  • • Organize your Church or School Supply Room with a PVC Storage Bin Organizer

  • • Make a PVC Bike Rack for your Local Park

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