DIY Projects for Pets with PVC

PVC Raised Dog Bed

For many people, pets are their lives! Pets love you unconditionally and keep you company all hours of the day and night. Whether they are dogs, cats, birds, fish, chickens, or anything else, PVC Fittings Online recognizes your pet’s value! We have assembled this list of fun DIY projects for your pets that will make their lives even better!

PVC products and materials can be used to create a variety of DIY projects for your pets! Building with PVC is a cost-efficient, flexible, and customizable alternative to pricey pet products that you would commonly find at pet supply stores. PVC pipe is inexpensive, costing as little as $0.40 a foot for ½” pipe! It is also a flexible option, with easy assembly and disassembly when required. The best part about it is how personalizable it is! It can be painted, sanded, textured, finished, and more! The possibilities are endless with PVC.

For many pet owners, animal shelters, and farmers alike, PVC materials offer a cost efficient and sanitary solution for creating projects that can really help with animal care. It is easy to store, clean, and dispose of. When you need to store a large PVC structure, it can be disassembled easily to fit into a much smaller space. The surface of PVC pipe is smooth, so cleaning is easy. Dirt doesn’t get caught in any textures or grooves in the material. And, when properly recycled, PVC pipe is crushed down to be made into other PVC products, making it an environmentally conscious choice!

Some inventive pet owners have been able to come up with creative ideas using PVC materials to build all kinds of toys and structures to make their pets’ lives easier and more fun. Those include elevated dog beds, bird perches, cat trees, and so many more. The only limit is your imagination. We have put our own spin on a number of those projects and have and made detailed guides (including videos and PDFs) for each of them. Express your creativity and love for your pet with these free project plans!

Building with PVC

PVC furniture grade fittings, PVC pipe, some additional hardware, and a few additional materials can help you create DIY projects for your pets. Visit our resource center for free PVC project plans such as:

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