PVC Camping Projects

Camping is one of the best ways for family and friends to bond and create memories. Something about the great outdoors fills people with joy! An important component of camping is the equipment. It needs to be durable, lightweight, and easy to pack. Because of this, PVC pipe is a great material for camping equipment. Below are some of the best PVC camping ideas on the internet. But first, let’s go over what makes PVC pipe such a perfect choice for camping projects.

First of all, PVC is durable. It can withstand a good amount of pressure or stress before breaking, making it comparable to metal pipe for structure building. It also lasts a long time. PVC pipe that is consistently being used outdoors will last well over 10 years in regular, non-extreme conditions. The durability of PVC pipe is one of the reasons it is so widely used in plumbing and commercial purposes, so why not use it for camping?

Next, PVC pipe is extremely lightweight! Half-inch PVC pipe weighs in at between 0.10 and 0.15 pounds per foot. One-inch PVC is about 0.30 to 0.40 pounds per foot. PVC pipe is just a fraction of the weight of wood and metal pipes, making it a great option for outdoor building purposes. Whenever you are planning on transporting your equipment, weight is an important factor that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Finally, PVC camping equipment is easy to pack up. Camping is a mobile activity. You have to travel to get to the site and travel to get back home. You may even travel while camping, moving from site to site. Because of the modular nature of PVC equipment, it is easy to take apart and fit into a small space. This space may be the back of a vehicle or a backpack. Either way, every square inch matters! PVC materials will save you time and stress while packing.


PVC Ideas for Camping

The following projects are great for camping and simple to put together. The links will lead you to detailed guides and plans for a variety of PVC pipe camping projects. Most of the materials you need for these projects can be found on our website, so get building!


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