PVC for Boats and Boating

PVC Boat Ideas

A sizeable portion of the American population are boat owners. Whether you use your boat for fishing, leisure, or both, you are probably always keeping your eyes open for ways to make your boating experience even better! That could come in the form of additions, such as canopy frames, boat blinds, ladders, anchors, or even a new dock. The problem is, these accessories can be expensive to purchase. However, instead of buying a high-priced boating add-on, you can make one yourself!

There are a variety of different building materials that are fit for use on the water, but one of the best is PVC. This is for several reasons. First, it is extremely inexpensive. PVC pipe and fittings are a much more economical choice than metals such as copper and stainless steel. Second, PVC is lightweight. If boat accessories are too heavy, they could upset the balance of the boat. Also, keeping the weight low is good for fuel efficiency and speed, if those factors are at all important to you.

Third, PVC is durable. PVC is designed to be able to withstand harsh chemicals, meaning water, even salt water, is not too corrosive for it. This is especially true of thick, schedule 80 PVC. It is also sturdy and difficult to break. Finally, PVC is not a conductor. When on the water, it is important to be aware of any safety concerns. PVC gives you one less thing to worry about. While metals can conduct electricity and possibly harm a passenger, PVC does not.

DIY PVC Projects for Boats

If you are interested in building your own PVC boating accessories, look no further! The list below covers some of the most common PVC projects people make for their boats. These will make your lake, river, or ocean excursions even better! Our high-quality PVC materials are perfect for any of these projects and will make sure your boat day goes off without a hitch.

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