PVC Pipe for Gardening

PVC pipe is a favorite material of gardeners, as it is sturdy, waterproof, and inexpensive. Because manufacturers offer such a wide array of pipes and fittings with different sizes, shapes, and flexibilities, you would be hard-pressed to find a DIY project that couldn't make good use of this versatile product. Whether your passion is for landscaping or farming, hopefully these PVC gardening ideas will give you some inspiration.


While they have many other uses, PVC pipes are made with one major job in mind: to carry liquids from point A to point B. Irrigation, a fundamental part of horticulture, is based on the same concept: water must be delivered to a new location for plants to grow.

PVC pipe drip irrigation systems are particularly popular for two main reasons: Drip irrigation systems are surprisingly easy to build, and their efficiency significantly cuts back on water use. They are basically flat rows of of PVC irrigation pipe held together with plastic irrigation pipe fittings. Small 1/16" holes are drilled along the bottom of the pipes to deliver water directly to your plants. Also, you can choose from a number of manual PVC irrigation valves to control the water flow.


If you're eschewing traditional soil gardening, PVC piping for hydroponics can't be beat. In a hydroponic system, plants are grown with their roots submerged in a nutrient solution. Their roots are exposed to greater amounts of oxygen, stimulating faster growth and nutrient absorption. For the grow bed of a DIY continuous flow system, PVC pipes and fittings can be put together in a flat zigzag pattern. Holes are then cut out of the tops of these pipes for the planters to sit.


With a large variety of PVC pipes and fittings to choose from, there are hundreds of different planter projects you can try out. Homemade PVC pipe planters can range from very simple to incredibly complex.

One group of innovative planter projects to try out is PVC vertical gardening. Vertical gardens promote efficient use of small plots of land through stacking planters or otherwise encouraging plants to grow up rather than out. A strawberry tower is a simple type of vertical garden made from wide PVC pipes with holes drilled throughout. Strawberry towers allow a tiny garden to yield an incredible amount of fruit in a single growing season.

Tomato Cages, Greenhouses, and Other Structures

Gardeners can also use PVC pipes and fittings as structural materials to create most any three-dimensional shape they can imagine. Of course, It's not really surprising if you consider the fact that PVC pipes and fittings are basically giant Tinkertoy pieces.

You can start small with your PVC pipe structures, making a few square tomato cages or tall rose trellises.

From there, you can move on to a garden hoop house or a raised bed cover using flexible 1/2" inch PVC water pipe. A raised bed will extend your growing season by giving transplants warmer dirt to root in while the cover protects them from the elements.

You can take things even further and build an entire greenhouse using just PVC pipes, fittings, and plastic sheeting!

PVC Gardening Ideas

Check out our entire selection of PVC pipe and parts to build your PVC pipe gardening ideas at home. We carry a full selection of pipe and fittings for creating irrigation systems, planters and much more. We also have PVC garden hose fittings for connecting your PVC creation directly to your hose! With the durability, availability, and cost efficiency of PVC pipe, the possibilities for gardening for fun or food are endless.

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