With deep commercial & industrial roots, we stock select Home and Industrial Filtration products, including Eaton filtration: Simplex (single basket), Duplex (double basket) and Y Strainers. Some of our popular models include the Model 72 and Model 85.

Browse our inventory below for discount pricing! We carry many different configurations of each of the products we carry, with extensive options in materials of construction, end types, size, basket types, and more. PVC Fittings Online is able to offer this degree of personalization at low prices due to our fantastic supplier relationships. We are an authorized Eaton distributor with years of experience working with this leading company, so we are able to get you the best deals possible on high quality filtration equipment!

Why Choose Eaton Strainers for Industrial Applications

Strainers are an extremely useful piece of equipment that have a place in almost every piping system. The ability to remove particles from liquid media is one that can greatly improve quality of processes. Regardless of the industry or application, having clean and pure liquid in a pipeline is beneficial. These Eaton strainers can help protect expensive pipeline equipment further down the system. When dirt and other particles are allowed to flow freely in a system, they can scratch, clog, and otherwise damage pipes, valves, and other process equipment. Our selection of Simplex, Duplex, and Y strainers give you complete control of the liquid in your pipeline at an unbeatable price!

We carry several strainer models, each with their own unique strengths. Eaton's Model 72 Simplex Strainer has been an industry standard for over 75 years, as it is a simple yet effective strainer. The Model 30R is performs ideally in low- to moderate-pressure applications. The Eaton Model 85 Y-Strainer provides a compact solution for those needing a straining solution with limited wiggle room. Eaton's Model 53BTX Duplex Strainer has two straining elements, allowing it to be run continuously. We carry these models in order to provide you with a wealth of strainer options that are all unique in their own way.

Residential Filtration - Keeping your Water Clean

With our deep knowledge and relationships in filtration, we're able to offer select home residential filtration products as well. From wound filters to wrenches and filter housings, we know how to keep your water flowing clear.