Black Iron 90 Elbows

Elbow fittings allow the user to turn a pipeline in a different direction. This 90-degree elbow shifts flow direction, as the name suggests, 90 degrees. This is extremely helpful when the pipeline has to navigate inside walls or around machinery. Black iron fittings are interesting, as they are not technically made out of iron. They are composed of mild steel, which is much more malleable and easy to work with than traditional cast iron. The black coating that helps these fittings resist rust and other types of corrosion. PVC Fittings Online has a great relationship with BMI, our supplier for black malleable iron fittings, and can get you the best deals on our entire product line! Call us today to speak with a professional!

Black Malleable Iron 90-Degree Elbow Fittings

Black iron (or mild steel) is an ideal material for gas supply lines. It is also rated for water supply use, but over time it could corrode and rust due to the material's composition. The black coating is meant to counteract that, but it will not hold up forever. Regardless, you will not find more durable and effective elbow fittings for this price anywhere! These products are compatible with MPT piping. PVC Fittings Online orders all of its products in bulk and pass those savings on to the customers, so you get the best products and the best prices! For more information, ask a question below!


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