DWV Bushings

  • For Drain Waste Vent Applications • ASTM D 3311, 1866, 1784 Standards
  • Reduces size of a fitting to use with smaller pipe • NSF International Standard 14 Certified
  • Maximum Operating Temp of 140°F • Various sizes and styles available

Bushings are extremely useful fittings, though they usually don't get much attention. Bushings are used when a fitting is too large for the pipe It's receiving. That's why you'll notice bushings have two different sizes. There is the larger size which is a spigot style (or MPT) connection, and then there is the Hub or FPT end which is generally the smaller side. Bushings are even used by fitting manufacturers to create rare sizes, as it saves them the time and costs of molding small batches.

DWV bushings are made for drain waste and vent applications. These are often sanitary and sewage type uses for residential and commercial jobs. Our DWV bushings are made of rigid corrosion resistant PVC and come in a range of sizes. Search for the size you need in our "shop by" sidebar using the larger measurement - for instance a 2" x 1-1/2" bushing can be found under 2 inch bushings. Get the biggest savings when you buy all your DWV fittings on our site. We will package up your items and send them to you at a fraction of the retail list price.

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