DWV Cleanouts

  • Threaded end fittings to accept a plug for opening • ASTM D 3311, 1866, 1784 Standards
  • Easy cleanout of your DWV pipe line • NSF International Standard 14 Certified
  • Maximum Operating Temp of 140°F • Fits into pipe (cleanout fitting) or over pipe (adapters)

Cleanout fittings are used in DWV projects to provide an easily accessible opening for cleaning or servicing the pipe line. If you've ever noticed a PVC pipe and square top plug sticking out of the grass or sidewalk, you've seen them before. Cleanout fittings fit into an existing pipe and have a female threaded end that accepts a male threaded plug. This design makes opening and closing the line simple. You can buy a cleanout adapter fitting or you can buy a cleanout adapter fitting and plug pair.

Our DWV cleanout adapters are made of white PVC and are resistant to corrosion. They can handle up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit like other PVC materials. The DWV PVC fittings we carry adhere to ASTM standards for DWV PVC fittings and are also NSF 14 certified for potable water use. DWV fittings, however, are usually used to handle drainage or venting of sewage. They are made for non-pressurized uses, and should not be used for pressurized liquid or gas. Cleanouts come in a range of sizes from relatively small pipe sizes to large diameter cleanout fittings with plugs. Plugs made for cleanout adapters come in raised plug or countersunk plug styles. They are threaded on the outside to screw into the cleanout fitting.

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