Galvanized Malleable Couplings

Galvanized malleable fittings have zinc-covered surfaces, which help them resist rust and other corrosion. Our galvanized malleable iron couplings are no different. These couplings join two pieces with male-threaded ends in a straight line. We carry standard (merchant) couplings and reducing couplings, allowing you to make strong and reliable connection with a range of pipe sizes. You can find these couplings most often in water, steam, and air lines. Browse our galvanized malleable couplings below.

Additional Galvanized Malleable Coupling Info

No matter how high quality these couplings are, they are useless without a tight seal. Sealing connections in galvanized malleable iron systems is simple, requiring no welding or soldering. These couplings only require regular thread sealant, such as PTFE tape or pipe dope, to create and maintain an airtight seal. Not only are these fittings strong and economical, but they are also easy to install! It doesn't get better than this, so order today! We have the best prices on our huge stock of plumbing supplies for home and commercial applications!