Galvanized Malleable Elbows

Our new stock of galvanized malleable iron fittings includes everything you need for an effective steam, water, or air system. That includes these great galvanized malleable elbows. Elbow fittings change the direction of a pipeline, which is extremely helpful when your system moves in confined spaces such as inside walls and under floors. We sell 90- and 45-degree fittings in standard, reducing, and street styles, so you should be able to find the exact elbow you need! The term "galvanized" refers to these fittings' zinc coating, which prevents rust damage. Pick out a galvanized malleable iron elbow below.

Additional Galvanized Malleable Elbow Info

As you can see, these elbow fittings are extremely low cost on their own. Connecting them to pipe is also inexpensive! Instead of difficult and costly welding or soldering, galvanized malleable fittings only require thread tape or pipe dope. The purpose of these products is to fill up empty space between threads and create an airtight seal. Both thread tape and pipe dope allow the user to unscrew the connection later, another advantage over traditional iron pipes which had to be welded together. Be sure to get all your plumbing products from PVC Fittings Online for the best deals anywhere!

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