PVC Fittings Online now stocks a wide range of PEX fittings, including these PEX adapters. PEX adapters join two completely different pipelines together, allowing for customization of old pipelines or flexibility in new ones. If you want to update a copper plumbing system with some PEX sections without completely switching over, you can use one of these PEX adapters to join the two pipelines. If you want a plumbing system with more than one type of piping, these adapters are also useful, as they provide a clear and smooth transition from PEX to anything else. Browse our full stock of PEX adapters below!

Additional PEX Adapter Information

Our PEX adapters allow the user to join a PEX line other commonly-used types of piping. These fittings are available with several different end types, such as male sweat, female sweat, MPT, and FPT. This allows for connections to copper or iron piping. The PEX connections are standard crimp barbs, which are universally compatible with PEX tubing. The only tools required to make a watertight seal are crimp rings and a crimping tool. Making PEX connections is easy, so anyone can do it! PEX adapters and tubing can help home and business owners save money on expensive plumbing equipment and plumber fees. For more information, click the "Ask Question" button on any product page!

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