Schedule 40 PVC Fittings

Schedule 40 PVC Fittings are used in a wide range of commercial (business) and consumer (residential) applications. From DIY projects & home irrigation to in-ground pool installation and water transport. stocks sch 40 fittings ranging from 3/8 inch to 24 inches. We can always track down irregular sizes as well.

The term “schedule 40” refers to the strength and thickness of the fitting / pipe. Schedule 40 is rated at 140 degrees and varying pressure based on the fitting size. Since sch 40 fittings are rigid, their typically cemented in place using a specific type of primer and solvent. Schedule 40 pvc fittings come in a wide range of types: tees, elbows, crosses, wyes, unions and more! Schedule 40 plastic can be painted. PVC Fittings Online also carries a full line of Furniture Grade fittings as well with no stamping.

Different Uses of Sch 40 PVC Fittings

Whether used for residential or commercial use, there are a wide range of different fittings / connectors which can be used to get the desired length and shape of the pipe needed. Ells are “L” shaped elbows and they create a 90 degree angle. Schedule 40 Tees are in the shape of a “T.” which allows one line to tie into a horizontal line without any trouble. A cross fitting forms a “plus sign” shape with four pipes that connect at the center. Sch 40 coupling fittings allow two pipes to connect in a straight line and this allows long lengths of pipe to be installed. Adapters allow PVC to be installed regardless of the original pipes. Bushing fittings can be cemented or threaded connectors and can be used to connect a smaller pipe to a larger one or to reduce the larger pipe supplying smaller lines. A PVC union fitting is a specialty fitting that is used in specific applications such as irrigation, quick-connect for water hoses, spas, swimming pools, fish tanks and more. PVC saddles are a great way to add a water line without a lot of work. All these different types of schedule 40 pvc fittings work together to accomplish a specific project, task or goal.

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