Sch 80 PVC Plugs

When the end of a pipe fitting needs to be closed with a male threaded or spigot fitting, Schedule 80 PVC plugs provide the solution. The screw-in design of these fittings makes it simple to install or replace one, and they create a tight seal without any necessary adhesive. Plugs contain a male end to screw tightly into the end of the fitting they are sealing, thus preventing fluids from leaking out of the system. This means they work well in situations where they might need to be removed to change the configuration of the system, add a line or change the overall design. This level of flexibility makes plugs a popular way to seal a PVC system. Plugs are also available in spigot style ends that glue into a slip style fitting end.

Our schedule 80 fittings meet ASTM D1784 Standards and are NSF-14 Certified.

These plugs are made from durable PVC pipe materials. The durability of PVC allows these fittings to withstand high temperatures and resist melting in fires, thus protecting the system in situations where high heat is necessary. The material can resist temperatures of up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. PVC is also highly resistant to corrosion from acids, salts and other chemicals, which means these fittings can be used in chemical processing plants. This durability also means that the PVC caps only need to be replaced every 7 to 15 years, in most applications. These caps do not warp with changes in temperature, so they can be used in outdoor applications where maintaining a watertight seal is important, but weather and temperature changes are a factor.

Schedule 80 PVC caps carry the additional benefit of being made from Schedule 80 PVC. This means that they have a thicker exterior wall than the standard Schedule 40 designs. As such, they can withstand higher pressures than fittings made from the thinner materials. This makes them well equipped for firefighting, manufacturing and irrigation applications, where high pressure is a common issue.

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