How-To Guide: Kids’ Playhouse

Little girl playing in PVC playhouse.Building a playhouse out of PVC pipe can be one of the most rewarding projects you will ever undertake. Not only will it be something you and your children can work on together, when the project is finished it will provide them with hours of entertainment. Since it will be constructed out of PVC, you can rest assured it will be durable enough to last for years. Here is a step-by-step guide to how to put one together. 

What You’ll Need

  • Seven 10-foot long pieces of PVC (3/4-inch size)
  • Four T-shaped connectors (3/4-inch size)
  • Four, 45-degree elbow connectors (3/4-inch size)
  • 10 three-way PVC connectors (3/4-inch size)
  • One PVC pipe cutter
  • Fabric to build the tent (three twin-sized sheets should be sufficient)

Step 1 — Creating Base and Top

This part of the playhouse will include the base and top as well as the support beams and the roof, which will be shaped like a triangle.

The first thing you will want to do will be to build the base and the top of the playhouse. Take your pipe cutter and cut four, 6-foot pieces and then four, 4-foot pieces. Two of the 6-foot pieces and two of the 4-foot pieces will be used to build the base and top respectively. Use three-way connectors to create the base, which should be a large rectangle.

Then, attach a T-shaped connector (make sure it faces upward) to each corner of the top piece, so you can then connect it to the roof once that is built. Don’t be surprised if you have to cut a little bit off the pipe — about an inch or two — to make sure the connectors fit snugly with the corners.

Step 2 — Building the Support Beams

Next you will build the beams that will support the walls of the playhouse. Cut four pieces of pipe to whatever length you want the height of the ceiling to be — while the length is up to you, all of the pieces will have to be equal. Then, attach those pieces to the remaining slot in the three-way connectors that form the base.

Step 3 — Building the Roof

Cut four more pieces of pipe, making sure they are the same length, and join them together at a 90-degree angle to form two pieces that form the letter “L.” You will connect them using another three-way connector. Do the same thing with the other two pieces. Then, cut a 6-foot piece of pipe and connect it with the two L-shaped pieces. Attach the four pieces that make up the bottom of the roof with their corresponding T-connectors you attached to the top rectangle and make sure all connections are secure. 

Step 4 — Making the Tent Covering for Your Playhouse

Now that you are done with the structure of the playhouse, it’s time to add your creative touches. When you’re finished, the covering will make the whole thing look somewhat like a tent if that helps you visualize the final product. 

Take a careful measurement of the sides of the structure as well as the roof. Cut your sheet into the pieces necessary to cover the structure, and then stitch all of them together using a sewing machine. You will want the covering to be a little larger than the structure so you can remove it for cleaning. Sew ribbons into the inside of the covering so you can tie them securely onto the frame. Then, cut a slit up one of the sides to create a flap-type of door and cut some holes to act as windows. 

The playhouse should work well indoors or out, and your kids will have a great time.


For a printable version of this how-to guide, click here.