Appliance Outlet Boxes

PVC Fittings Online carries appliance / plumbing outlet boxes for home plumbing applications. These outlet boxes connect appliances to residential water lines typically in PEX plumbing systems. All water-using appliances need a way to connect to a home's water line. Another important factor is the ability to shut off water to a specific appliance without having to turn off water supply for the whole house. Outlet boxes do that in a way that looks clean and professional. They are basically metal or plastic boxes that sit in the wall behind clothes washers or refrigerators with one or two valves in them. These valves provide all the functionality required and keep water flowing the way it should.

Additional Outlet Box Info

Our outlet boxes utilize lead-free valves, which means they are perfect for drinking water applications. This is especially important in refrigerator and freezer outlet boxes, as the water flowing through them will be, at some point, ingested. While some of the valves may be "cold water" valves, they are still just as tough as the "hot water" valves and will hold up under tough conditions. The single valve outlet boxes are for ice makers, while the dual valve boxes are meant for washing machines.

On washing machine outlet boxes, the hot and cold water sources are indicated by colored handles, making it easy to distinguish the lines from each other when performing maintenance. This also helps the user isolate problems and shut off the correct line in case of any problems. Our outlet boxes all have PEX crimp connections, which use a crimp ring to connect to PEX tubing. PEX plumbing systems are becoming more and more popular every year, so these outlet boxes are extremely useful! Call us at (866) 777-7990 to speak to a professional about any of your plumbing and piping questions.

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