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  • DIY Wedding w/ PVC

    DIY Wedding Ideas Using PVC


    DIY Wedding Ideas w/ PVC - An infographic by @amandablogspvc and the team at PVC Fittings Online

    Check out these great DIY wedding ideas! Do it yourself wedding decor has become super popular with young brides. It makes so much sense when you think about it. Couples can put their own touch on their wedding AND save money. These three ideas above use simple and inexpensive PVC pipe and fittings to make beautiful and functional pieces of wedding decor including a DIY wedding photo backdrop from PVC, simple and elegant PVC vases, and rustic napkin rings made of PVC couplings for the perfect table setting.

    Thanks to @amandablogspvc and PVC Fittings Online for donating the time and supplies for these awesome ideas!


  • PVC Pipe Dimensions 1/8" through 24"

    Schedule 40 PVC Pipe Dimensions

       Nominal Pipe Size        O.D.         Average I.D.         Min. Wall         Nominal wt./ft.         Maximum W.P PSI    
    1/8" .405 .249 .068 .051 810
    1/4" .540 .344 .088 .086 780
    3/8" .675 .473 .091 .115 620
    1/2" .840 .602 .109 .170 600
    3/4" 1.050 .804 .113 .226 480
    1" 1.315 1.029 .133 .333 450
    1-1/4" 1.660 1.360 1.140 .450 370
    1-1/2" 1.900 1.590 .145 .537 330
    2" 2.375 2.047 .154 .720 280
    2-1/2" 2.875 2.445 .203 1.136 300
    3" 3.500 3.042 .216 1.488 260
    3-1/2" 4.000 3.521 .226 1.789 240
    4" 4.500 3.998 .237 2.188 220
    5" 5.563 5.016 .258 2.874 190
    6" 6.625 6.031 .280 3.733 180
    8" 8.625 7.942 .322 5.619 160
    10" 10.750 9.976 .365 7.966 140
    12" 12.750 11.889 ..406 10.534 130
    14" 14.000 13.073 .437 12.462 130
    16" 16.000 14.940 .500 16.286 130
    18" 18.000 16.809 .562 20.587 130
    20" 20.000 18.743 .593 24.183 120
    24" 24.000 22.544 .687 33.652 120


    One of the most common things people get confused by with pipe is how it is sized and measured. PVC pipe can come in sizes ranging from 1/8" to 24" and larger. The table above shows sizing for schedule 40 PVC pipe in different sizes. Note: PVC pipe under 14" does not match up exactly with its nominal size (See Nominal Pipe Size and O.D. columns). You'll see this table shows the five most common pipe dimensions. Not sure what each of these are? Check our pipe measurement diagram here.

    All the fittings we sell on our site are called by their nominal size. A 2" PVC fitting on our site will always fit a piece of 2" nominal size PVC pipe. Both schedule 40 and schedule 80 PVC fittings will fit onto PVC pipe of either schedule. That's because both types of pipe have the same outer diameter measurements. It is only the inner diameter measurement that is smaller on schedule 80 PVC, thus making for a thicker wall and higher pressure rating than sch. 40 pipe.


  • How do whisper phones work?

    using-whisper-phoneWhisper Phones - How do They Work?

    If you've been in an elementary school classroom lately, you may have seen these little contraptions. They are plastic devices, usually “c” shaped that are used to assist children in learning to read, increase fluency, and edit their writing.

    The way they work is almost as simple as their construction. Normally when you speak or read aloud, you hear only fragments of the sound waves that are created, as they are projected out and away from your ears. Whisper phones work to concentrate those sound waves and direct them to your ear so that what you are hearing is a more pure and clear depiction of your voice. In a sense, your voice is being amplified. They name "whisper phone" comes from the fact that you need only whisper to hear what you're saying clearly. This is ideal for classroom reading, as students don’t have to speak loudly to hear themselves read aloud. It’s also a great tool for helping language learners with fluency, as you can hear every intonation in your speech clearly as if you were listening to someone else.

    You can find fancy versions of these for sale in educational stores now, but teachers have been making them for years using just PVC pipe and fittings. They are super simple to make and require only a few inexpensive parts. The version I use is made of two 1” size PVC elbows and one 3” length piece of 1” PVC pipe (schedule 40 white). Simply slip the pieces together and you’re ready to go! For extra durability try gluing the pieces together. This will also prevent children from taking the phones apart and distracting from reading. The phone you see pictured above is made of 3/4" elbows and pipe. I recommend a slightly larger version - hence the 1" sizes. Check out the instructions below and get the supplies you need to make your own!

    These are very easy to make, and you could even get students to help you make them as a fun project. An expert tip: use acetone (nail polish remover) to take off any printing or barcodes on the PVC parts. You can even paint or decorate the phones to really jazz them up. Kids love them!

  • PVC Pipe and Fitting Dimension Information


    PVC Dimensions - The Low-down

    Where can I find dimensions for this PVC fitting or pipe?

    We get this question a lot. Two sources I keep bookmarked are the Spears Manufacturing online technical sourcebook and the Lasco Fittings techsheet webpage. Each of these resources is searchable (CTL + F) by part number, making finding the exact dimensions on a specific part a breeze. Check them out for yourself here:


    Spears Manufacturing Online Technical Sourcebook > Click Here

    Lasco Fittings, Inc. Technical Data for PVC and CPVC > Click Here


    Between these two resources you can find dimensional data on all sorts of PVC, CPVC pipe and fittings and more. Both resources use PDF format, as it is easy to download and searchable. Spears even updates their tech sheets weekly!

    Unlike parts in other industries, PVC fitting parts many times use the same part number across brands. That means a Spears part and a Lasco part may have the same part number. While some part dimensions should stay fairly constant across brands (pipe, couplings) some may differ slightly in things like outer dimension. For exact dimensional data on a fitting be sure you use information from that specific manufacturer.


    Other Tips:

    -  Know what schedule PVC you’re looking at (schedule 40 or schedule 80)

    -   Use the part number in your search (for fittings this is commonly a 6 digit number with a dash in the middle, like 435-080.

    -  Know the term for the measurement you need (Outside diameter, inside diameter, min. wall, etc.)

    -   See our Resource Center Glossary for help with PVC terms

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