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  • What is a class 125 PVC fitting?

    What is Class 125 PVC?


    There is sometimes confusion about what class 125 fittings are – even in the industry. The truth may surprise you and save you some money in the end!

    If you’ve ever seen a class 125 PVC fitting you’ll notice it looks just like a standard schedule 40 fitting. That’s no coincidence. In fact, class 125 fittings come from the exact same manufacturing line as seemingly identical schedule 40 fittings. What’s the difference then? Testing.

    Schedule 40 PVC fittings undergo specific testing before leaving the factory to ensure they meet all the standards a schedule 40 fitting should meet. This may include ASTM standards and others. Once they pass these tests they are given the schedule 40 stamp of approval.

    Class 125 fittings do not undergo this testing. Instead they are taken straight from the line and boxed up for sale. They are not technically schedule 40 fittings, though they are made using the same material and process.

    When is it okay to use class 125 fittings? Generally we recommend class 125 fittings for jobs where specs aren’t an issue but cost might be. Though it is not guaranteed, you are likely to get identical performance as you would from a similar schedule 40 PVC fitting. Class 125 fittings also cost significantly less than schedule 40. They also tend to only be available in large diameter sizes. This can help to offset costs on what are usually very expensive fittings.

    Want to know more about class 125 fittings? Give us a call to discuss your job today!


  • Christmas Tree Watering Hack

    Christmas Tree Watering Hack

    Christmas TreeDo you have a live Christmas tree this year? One of the challenges of keeping a Christmas tree looking great is finding a way to water it without dousing the whole living room floor. This becomes especially difficult as presents accumulate under the tree.

    Here's a quick and easy hack for tree watering. Take a piece of PVC pipe. This could be anywhere from 1/2" to 1" size. The length should be about 3 to 5 feet. Stick one end of the pipe through the boughs and into the base of the tree where the water sits. Use a funnel at the top and pour! No more bending down and fumbling around with needles and ornaments in your face. Simple!

    From all of us at PVC Fittings Online we hope you have a safe and happy holiday season. We appreciate all of our faithful customers and blog readers. You guys rock!


    Merry Christmas!

    From PVC Fittings Online and the whole Commercial Industrial Supply family


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