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  • How to Make a PVC Marshmallow Shooter / Blow Gun

    Even though the groundhog predicted six more weeks of winter, it’s time to prepare for spring and summer activities. PVC Marshmallow shooters are fun, easy, and affordable. Whether your child is pretending to be a secret agent or just playing marshmallow tag, they will surely be prepared with this simple-to-make PVC marshmallow blow gun. There is no age limit with using a marshmallow shooter, so adults are free game. Best of all you can find all the PVC pipe and fittings needed right here - for cheap!

    Here's the list of PVC products you'll need for the marshmallow shooter:

    *When ordering your PVC fittings, it is important to make sure all the fittings have socket ends. This allows the pipe to slip into place easily.

    The first step is to cut the Schedule 40 pipe. The total amount of pipe needed for each shooter is 27”. You will need to cut five 3” pieces, a 5” inch piece and a 7” inch piece. Once the pipe is cut, you can assemble the marshmallow shooter like the one pictured below. With the slip socket ends, this shooter is easy to piece together with little effort.

    This is how we assembled our marshmallow shooter / blow gun.

    PVC Marshmallow Shooter Assembly Diagram

    This is what it looks like assembled:

    Fully Assembled Marshmallow Shooter Made of PVC Fittings

    There are many different ways to assemble a marshmallow shooter out of PVC products. You can change the fittings around to create a different design, or get creative by adding paint and stickers.

    Plus, cleanup is simple - eat all the ammo!

    For a complete list of our schedule 40 products: fittings here - pipe here

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