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  • All About That Flange

    Piecing together a connection with flanges can be tough. Do you use a bolt kit or stud pack? Do you always use a gasket? At PVC Fittings Online we get it. We understand the frustration that comes with installing a flange, which is why we our team is equipped with the knowledge of the flange.

    Take a look at the type of flanges we offer:

    851-007Slip Flange – This flange allows an easy connection with solvent cement. The flange provides the perfect fit by slipping over the pipe. There are two types of slip flanges: one-piece and Van Stone. One piece flanges are solid molded parts. They require care when installing because the flange cannot be turned once glued into the pipe line.




    854-007Van Stone Flange – This is a two piece flange with a rotating ring that makes bolt alignment simple. Comes in slip and spigot styles to suit your application.




    852-007Threaded Flange – These flanges do not require solvent cement for installation. This flange has one female threaded end to connect to a male threaded fitting or nipple.




    856-007Spigot Flange – While slip flanges fit over PVC or CPVC pipe, spigot flanges fit into a PVC or CPVC fitting. These are great for giving a slip fitting a flanged end. Like slip flanges, these require solvent cement for installation.




    853-007Blind Flange – When a system flow needs to be stopped, the blind flange is the one for the job. These flanges do not connect to the pipe line in any glued or threaded fashion. They are simply bolted in place to another flanged connection. The effect is a sealed off end to that pipe line.




    Creating the proper connection:

    Flange on Flange – When creating the connection with two flanges, you must have a gasket and bolt kit. The recommended gasket to use is the full face EPDM gasket. Choose from zinc and stainless steel bolt materials depending on your application. Stainless steel is often used in outdoor environments whereas zinc is a less expensive, yet more corrosive material. When purchasing from PVC Fittings Online, the bolt kit and gasket will be categorized as the same size as the flange. The bolt kit comes with all the fasteners you need to connect flanges.

    Flange, Valve, Flange – In situations with mounting a valve between flanges, you will need a gasket (for non-wafer style valves) and a stud pack. The stud packs are also available in zinc and stainless steel. The stud packs come with studs, washers, and nuts to provide a tight hold.

    Without knowing what type of flange you need and what seals and fasteners are required, it can be tough to plan for a project. If you feel overwhelmed or frustrated with a PVC project you’re planning, feel free to call us at PVC Fittings Online for help!


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