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  • 7 Kid Friendly Holiday DIY Projects

    In honor of our love for DIY arts and crafts and the holiday season, we have compiled 7 different DIY holiday projects we found across the web that are not only fun and simple, but are also safe to involve your kids! Continue reading

  • PVC Pipe Holiday Wreath

    This is the second blog post in our series of DIY holiday season crafts! We are excited to continue sharing these DIY PVC holiday project ideas with you!

    DIY PVC Pipe Wreath

    A PVC pipe wreath can be a fun DIY craft project that will end with a unique outdoor décor item for your front door this holiday season. This DIY wreath project mainly consists of cut pieces of PVC pipe, as well as a few other items that can be found at your local hardware store.

    We chose to make our PVC wreath gold, but you can change up the look of yours by choosing a different color of spray paint.

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  • PVC Christmas Tree

    This holiday season the PVC Fittings Online team will be working on a series of DIY holiday crafts. We are excited to share these holiday craft ideas with you!


    DIY PVC Christmas Tree

    A PVC pipe Christmas tree can be a great, unique holiday décor item for your home this holiday season. This is a simple Christmas craft project that can be ideal for rooms with relatively less space, such as a smaller living room and can either be hung up or leaned up against a wall.

    You can build a PVC Christmas tree using simple, affordable materials that we sell here at PVC Fittings Online along with additional materials sold at your local home improvement store.

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