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  • We’re Expanding Our Furniture Fittings Product Line!

    PVC Fittings Online is excited to announce that we are expanding our line of furniture fittings products! We have seen a demand for furniture grade PVC pipe and furniture grade PVC fittings so we decided to offer more options for our customers. Starting on December 18th, the new furniture grade products will be available for online order at our usual discount prices!

    The new furniture grade PVC fittings will be available in either black or white. Furniture
    fittings offer more configurations that the standard plumbing PVC supplies. Product additions include furniture grade connectors, pipe and furniture fittings

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  • What Kind of PVC Fitting Do I Need?

    Finding the right fit of PVC can be a hassle when you are working on a project. The biggest issue is the sizing is not always accurate. If you look at a piece of pipe, you will see an ID number on it. ID is the inside diameter of the pipe, which means that when looking for pipe, don't mistakenly measure the outside diameter for matching.

    So, if it says "1", that means it is supposed to be approximately one inch in diameter. The actual measurement of the ID can be anywhere from .95 inches to 1.09 inches. The reason is that when PVC is produced, it is difficult to make exact fit. So those measurements are within what is known as "nominal" range. Continue reading

  • DIY Snowman Ornaments

    This is the fourth DIY holiday craft project in our series of holiday inspired PVC crafts! This ornament project is simple, easy and inexpensive.

    Our simple DIY Christmas ornaments project only requires a handful of inexpensive materials and takes very little time to complete.

    You can decorate your PVC snowman ornaments using a variety of different types of ribbon to add character and personality to each of your snowmen. Depending on how large you want to make unique DIY Christmas ornaments, it will require three different sizes of PVC pipe to create the shape of the snowmen. Continue reading

  • Homemade Christmas Napkin Rings

    This is the third installment of DIY holiday season craft series! This project is extremely simple and inexpensive, but it can help you add some holiday sprinkle in your home.

    When it comes to holiday décor in your home, the dining room can really help you set the tone of Christmas cheer. Simple decorative items and small details in your dining room can help you make your dining room spectacularly decorated.

    Holiday themed place settings, plates and napkins help you create the holiday mood in your dining room. For an extra holiday touch, we created decorative DIY gold holiday napkin rings. These homemade napkin rings for Christmas only require a few materials and are simple to make. Continue reading

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