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  • Super Bowl 50 Party DIY Décor

    DIY PVC Football Field Goal

    We are so excited that our Carolina Panthers made it to the Super Bowl this year! We wanted to share simple Super Bowl décor idea that you can easily make – a decorative field goal post made out of PVC pipe and fittings.

    This DIY field goal post only requires a few items and you can use to it to set up a game of paper football at your Super Bowl 50 party.

    To make your own miniature football field goal post, you will need the following (all 1/2" PVC Pipe):

    • • Measuring Tape
    • • Pipe Cutter Tool
    • • Marker
    • • 5 – 4 inch pieces of ½” PVC Pipe
    • • 2 – 1.5 inch pieces of ½” PVC Pipe
    • • 2 – 2 inch pieces of ½” PVC Pipe
    • • 2 – 6 inch pieces of ½” PVC Pipe
    • • 6 – ½” End Caps
    • • 4 – ½” Tee Fittings
    • • 2 – ½” 90 Degree Elbows

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  • 5 Things Small Business Owners Can Learn from Cam Newton

    carolina-panthers-gameHere at PVC Fittings Online, we are super fans of the Carolina Panthers and Cam Newton! With roots in the Carolinas, we are extremely proud of our Carolina Panthers NFC Championship win. We can’t wait to see our Panthers continue to work hard Super Bowl 50 against the Denver Broncos!

    We believe there are great lessons to learn from our home team that we can apply to running a small business, specifically from our team’s leader Cam Newton. Cam has become one of the biggest stars in the NFL.  Below are 5 lessons about running a small business that we can learn from Cam Newton:

    1. If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.

    In high school, Cam Newton was a top ranked player who could have attended any college of his choosing. Cam chose to attend the University of Florida and play football as Tim Tebow’s successor. Unfortunately, Cam was arrested his sophomore year for buying a stolen laptop from another student and this eventually led to his suspension from the team. Cam transferred to a community college in Brenham, Texas where he played football on a field that wasn’t much larger than a high school football field. Continue reading

  • Preventing Burst or Frozen Pipes in the Winter

    When the weather turns real cold, when temperatures dip below freezing, there is a danger that your water pipes could freeze and even burst. Winter is hard for many, but it gets to crisis stage if you are without water because your pipes are frozen.

    While it is Warm

    Experts say the best way to protect your home or business from winter is to do some preventative maintenance while it is still warm. Walk around your house or business and look for any openings where cold air could get in or near your pipes. Check out your pipes and make sure they are at least somewhat insulated against the cold. It is a good idea too, to drain hoses and store them. You might also consider shutting off valves inside that got to outdoor faucets you will not be using in cold weather.
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  • Can I use a check valve on a drain line to stop flow from coming back up?

    Short Answer: Not usually. In many cases, check valves do not function properly on a drain line due to the orientation of the pipe line and the lack of water pressure.

    How do Check Valves Work?

    There are several different types of check valves, but all of them are made to perform a similar function. Check valves allow water to flow in one direction and contain a mechanism that blocks flow of water in the opposite direction. Continue reading

  • 7 PVC Homemade Gym Equipment Ideas

    With the new year in full swing, many people strive to get into better shape whether they have had a fitness routine in the past or are starting a new, fresh workout plan.

    If you have enough room in your home, like a garage or other room that is not in use, you may consider laying out your own home gym. You can choose to buy your gym equipment or you can build your own homemade gym equipment using inexpensive supplies. Continue reading

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