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  • DIY PVC Elevated Dog Bed Guide

    Dogs are, simply put, man’s best friend. They offer friendly companionship and ask for very little in return. While your dog will always love you freely and unconditionally, sometimes it can be nice to give back.

    PVC Pipe Elevated Outdoor Dog Bed

    Many dogs spend a great deal of their time outside, so that environment should be made comfortable for them. This guide will show how you can make a simple yet comfortable PVC raised dog bed that will definitely beat sleeping or just relaxing on the ground. Watch the video for a quick walk-through of this project! The full instructions for this PVC dog bed are below.

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  • 5 Ways to Support Local Mom and Pop Shops Online

    Mom and Pop Shop Day (or National Mom and Pop Business Owners' Day) is March 29th! If you aren't familiar with this holiday, it is a day set aside to recognize and celebrate small business owners. These people are often the heart of a town, working tirelessly to grow a business that they care about. To keep their businesses alive, small business owners often have to leave family and friends out of the equation.

    So every March, we celebrate them and all the hard work they do! Here are just a few things you can do online to show your support for your favorite mom and pop shops.

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  • 5 Amazing St. Patrick's Day Events in the Carolinas

    Winter is ending and spring is on its way! What better way to celebrate the changing of the seasons than with some St. Patrick's Day fun?  This iconic Irish holiday is based on the Catholic Saint Patrick and is held on March 17th each year. Whether or not you're a practicing Catholic, the holiday is a great excuse to watch a parade, a concert, or just have a few drinks with friends.

    Each of us at PVC Fittings Online headquarters has a favorite Saint Patty's Day event. So dust off the shamrocks and join us for one of these fantastic events!

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  • How to Organize Your Office's March Madness Bracket

    March Madness will be here in a matter of days. And while most see March 17th through April 4th as a time that will test players and ultimately decide the college basketball champions, we see it a little differently. This tournament is a great way to promote team spirit and friendly competition in the office. These values are best promoted when money isn't involved. Betting can make things a little too competitive.

    Organizing brackets in an office used to be a mess of pens and papers, but new online sources have made it much easier. The following step-by-step guide will lead you through the process of creating and running your office's March Madness bracket.

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