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  • National Hammock Day - PVC Pipe Hammock Stand

    hammock hanging between palm trees near beachNational Hammock Day is on July 22nd! While you may have never heard of this obscure holiday, that does not mean it isn't worth celebrating! Despite it not being a major holiday, National Hammock Day is a great opportunity to get creative with PVC! Before we look at the project, however, here are some fun facts about hammocks that you may not have known.

    A hammock is defined as "a sling made of fabric, rope, or netting which is suspended between two points, such as posts or trees." They were first invented by natives of Central and South America and were used for sleeping. Many early hammocks were woven out of tree bark! Later they were adopted by sailors as they saved space and did not take up as much space as beds. Today, hammocks are known to all as symbols of leisure, relaxation, summer, and easy living! It really doesn't get any better than a hammock.

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  • Summer DIY Projects with PVC Pipe for Kids


    Summer is officially here! That means it's time for you and your family to have some fun in the sun! It also means that the kids will probably want some new toys for the pool or the yard. Before you start worrying about how expensive toys from the store can be, consider making one or more of these fun summer DIY projects using PVC pipe! PVC pipe is an inexpensive material that is versatile and easy to work with, so you can make toys just as good as the ones you could buy for much cheaper! If you are simply looking for DIY projects for summer, look no further! These should keep you and the kids busy for a while!

    1. PVC Sprinkler Water Toy

    pvc pipe sprinkler water toy on grass with hose

    This is an easy summer DIY project that only requires 4 different types of PVC parts (including pipe). It consists of a simple square PVC frame with a hose adapter. The pipes have holes drilled in them so water can spray out. Your kids and pets will love this! It can easily be set up in the yard for an afternoon of fun in the sun!

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