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  • 5 Clear PVC Pipe Applications for Business

    clear pvc pipe tubing on white backgroundClear PVC pipe is an interesting material. It has all the practical properties of regular schedule 40 PVC pipe. It is tough, can handle high pressures, has a long lifespan, and is inexpensive. Well, compared to copper or stainless steel pipe it is inexpensive. For a 5-foot length, clear PVC is roughly four times the price of schedule 40 PVC of the same diameter. This is because clear PVC is much more difficult to produce than white or gray PVC. If clear PVC pipe and tubing is so much more expensive, why would anyone buy it?

    The clue is in the name; clear PVC allows you to watch as fluid flows through a pipeline. Visual monitoring is helpful in many circumstances. In food production and processing, it can be vital to see the product or a component of a final product as it is transported through the manufacturing process. This is true of many other processes, some of which I will explain below!

    1. Food Processing

    This is an industry in which close visual monitoring is key! The product must be closely watched through each stage of production to avoid contamination or other errors. Clear PVC pipe or tubing can be used to transport liquids, allowing those liquids to closely watched by overseers. Imagine trying to cook a meal with a blindfold on. That is what food production without visual monitoring is like: simply impossible. Health requirements also demand that food products be closely monitored throughout production.

    2. Pool and Spa

    Whenever chemicals are being mixed into water, visual monitoring is helpful. Clear PVC pipe is especially useful in larger pool backwash systems. When backwashing a pool, you are running water backwards through a pump system in order to clear dirt and debris from the filters. After water flows through the filters, clear PVC pipe can be used to show all the gunk and debris being pushed out of the system. This also lets you know when the filter is clean.

    3. Aquariums

    One of the most common clear PVC tubing uses is in professional aquariums. When rare or exotic fish are being kept, the cleanliness of their home is vital. When that water is passing through the filter, you want to see the difference from when it goes in to when it comes out. Clear PVC pipe can be used on both sides of a filter; one pipe showing dirty water going in, and another showing clean water coming out. If the water leaving the filter isn't as clear as it should be, you know to clean the filter.

    4. Labs

    Scientific labs are full of chemicals and gases that are found no where else. When creating complicated chemical mixtures in a lab, you want to see every step of the process. For this reason, clear PVC pipe or tubing should be used. While some more aggressive chemicals can break down PVC in liquid form, it excels and transporting gases.

    5. Medical

    The medical uses of clear PVC are almost limitless. From manufacture of pharmaceuticals to patient care, clear PVC pipe and tubing abound. PVC is perfect for medical uses because it is durable and easy to clean. In an environment where everything must be spotless and sterile, clear PVC is a useful material.

    These are just a few of the endless applications for clear PVC pipe. If you are considering purchasing some, you may be worried about the price. Just remember: only certain parts of a pipeline need to have clear PVC. You can make the majority of a pipe system out of white PVC and place clear PVC pipe at key locations where visual monitoring is most important!

  • How Strong is PVC Pipe?


    The above is a question very commonly asked. While it may seem like a simple question, how to define the strength of PVC pipe is far from straightforward. The term "strength" can mean a number of things, all of which cannot be covered in one blog post. The three types of strength measurements I will go into in this post are collapse pressure, burst pressure, and tensile strength. These are three of the most common ways to measure the strength of any type of pipe, so I will outline how different types and sizes of PVC compare in terms of those measurements. Included is a helpful PVC pipe strength chart for each, so you will know exactly how strong your PVC is.

    Tensile Strength

    Tensile strength is, to be put into simple terms, the maximum amount of weight that can be placed on something before it breaks or loses its original shape. PVC pipe tensile strength can be measured by hanging weight from the pipe until it bends or cracks.

    As you can see from the chart to the right, tensile strength of PVC pipe increases as the size of the pipe increases. 8" PVC pipe of either schedule is extremely strong for how inexpensive it is. The smaller sizes are exponentially weaker, but can still hold a great deal of weight if they must.

    pvc pipe strength chart tensile schedule 40 and 80

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