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  • Building a Dust Collection System with PVC Piping

    pile of sawdust in shopIf you do any sort of carpentry or woodwork, you know how annoying sawdust can be. It gets in every nook and cranny and is an enormous hassle to clean up. For this reason, many shop owners set up a central dust collection system that is built into their shop. The idea is to prevent sawdust from making a mess by collecting it as soon as it's created. Building a dust collection system is easier said than done, however. To effectively collect dust, your central system must be hooked up to each piece of equipment.

    Because so many different saws and shop appliances exist, dust collection adapters do not exist for every single one. In this case you may need to create your own dust collection piping. Doing this is not too difficult or expensive if you use the right parts. The least expensive piping you can get is PVC. Using PVC pipe for dust collection is cost-effective and easy if you follow a few guidelines. This post is based on a design by For more info on carpentry projects, check out their website!

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  • Can You Use PVC Piping for Compressed Air?

    broken pvc pipe compressed air accidentPVC piping is inexpensive, versatile, and strong, considering how much it costs. It can transport liquids of all kinds, as it is highly corrosion-resistant. Despite how much it can do, there are certain jobs that PVC pipe just can't handle. One of those jobs is compressed air.

    When using PVC pipe with compressed air, you run serious risks. The most dangerous of these is that of explosion. If put under stress that it cannot handle, PVC pipe can explode, sending plastic shrapnel flying. There have been numerous cases of this happening in compressed air applications, so OSHA does not allow the transportation of compressed gases in above-ground applications.

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