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  • Fiberglass vs. Polycarbonate Electrical Enclosures - What's the Difference?

    plastic vs fiberglass electrical enclosures gray lift off screw coverElectrical enclosures are a very common piece of hardware with a wide range of uses. They are available in many shapes and sizes, acting as a case or cabinet for electrical equipment. This equipment includes things such as switches, knobs, and displays. Electrical enclosures keep these pieces of equipment out of the elements. However, electrical enclosures also protect users. They can be used to house high-voltage electrical elements that could injure someone if they are not careful. The utility of electrical enclosures is undeniable, but there is one war that experts continue to fight: plastic vs fiberglass electrical enclosures.

    The term "plastic" is a blanket term that typically covers many different materials, including polycarbonates which often compose electrical enclosures. A great deal of these enclosures are made with fiberglass as well, which is not a polycarbonate. Therefore, many professionals and experts would debate on "polycarbonate vs fiberglass enclosures." As we will read below, each material has its own strengths and weaknesses. Which material to use will depend on what you need it for. Continue reading for the pros and cons of each of these great materials.

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  • DIY PVC Shovel, Rake Holder and Garden Tool Rack

    Any homeowner will tell you that garage storage is difficult. Things are always ending up in the wrong place, and finding a spot for all your stuff can be nearly impossible. The most common culprits of not being where they belong are garden tools, such as rakes and shovels. They lie on the ground or propped up against the wall, where they can easily fall right back down to the ground. Many pre-made tool-holding solutions are available, but they can be expensive and may not exactly suit your needs. Make your own custom DIY rake holder instead!

    Creative people all over the world have developed their own version of the DIY rake holder, many of which are made of PVC pipe. PVC is a great material that is strong and inexpensive. It is also the perfect shape for holding rakes and shovels! This post highlights some of our favorite designs from across the internet. Materials are listed under each, as well as links to full instructions for each project. Each project only requires a few materials, so building these will not cost much out of pocket, especially if you already have screws around.

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  • PVC Pipe Towel Rack

    It feels like the year has just started, but summer is right around the corner! This means it’s time to start thinking about that pool in the backyard. "Is it clean? Do we still have pool toys? Should we get more towels?" The preparation is endless, and it's easy to sink a lot of money into getting ready for summer. A simple DIY towel rack is extremely useful and will not break the bank. In this blog post, we will show how you can create your own PVC pipe towel rack with inexpensive, durable materials.

    There are countless different ways of making towel racks out of PVC. It is a very straightforward item: all you need are bars to hang towels on. However, some are better-looking or more creative than others, so we will highlight a few projects that we found most interesting. These PVC towel racks vary in size and and carrying capacity, so be sure to pick one that will fit your needs.

    PVC Towel and Toy Rack

    pvc pipe towel rack pool toys backyard

    This PVC pipe towel rack can hold plenty of towels (4-8) and has an extremely strong design. It is also large enough to balance pool noodles and other pool toys against, so it can function as a go-to pool storage area. Also, the unique triangular shape looks great! What's not to love? For the full guide on how to build this PVC towel rack, click the picture or this link.


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