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  • Tips to Help With Choosing the Right Valve for Your Project

    Valves are useful pieces of equipment that help control, limit, and shut off flow in a system. In a garden irrigation system, you could use valves to control when different plants get watered. While it is universally agreed that valves are helpful, choosing the right valve can be frustrating. We hear many customers make statements like these: "So many types exist! Some of them do similar things! I don't know what types of valves to use!"

    No worries! Here at PVC Fittings Online, we carry all the major valve variations. In this blog post, we will outline what makes each unique. For basic users, the most important thing to remember is that a valve does one of two things: shut off or regulate. Some valves can do either/both, but this is a simple way to think of what you need a valve to do. It could help you in picking the right valve. We will now cover each of the major valve categories.

    Ball Valves

    pvc ball valve choosing the right valve grayBall valves are a good example of a shut off valve. They use a spherical seating to stop or allow flow. The ball has a hole through the center, so fluid can pass through when the handle is turned to the "on" position. When the handle is turned 90 degrees to the "off" position, fluid hits the solid side of the ball and is stopped.

    The PVC ball valve pictured has been taken apart so you can see its inner workings. This one uses rubber O-rings to ensure a tight seal. Ball valves are shut off valves because they are not typically designed to be opened partially. They are meant to be completely open or completely closed. Depending on the type of ball valve you purchase, they may commit a bit of pressure drop. This is because the hole in the valve's ball typically has a smaller diameter than the pipeline itself.

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