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  • DIY PVC Wine Rack

    PVC Wine Rack with BottlesWine racks have been around as long as wine bottles. They can be made from virtually any material and can hold hundreds of bottles or just a few. The sheer number of wine rack variations is mind-boggling and can make it hard to decide on one for your home. A great alternative to buying one is to make your own modern-looking DIY wine rack. And what better material to build it from than PVC?

    When shopping for a wine rack, people often encounter two problems: high prices and incompatible sizes. Pre-made wine racks are sometimes seen as a luxury item, so they are priced accordingly. They can also be made too big or too small for the space you have available. A large rack will simply not fit, and a small one could look awkward. However, you can create a DIY PVC wine rack at a reasonable price to fit whatever space you have available! Keep reading to learn how to make your very own.

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