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  • DIY PVC Tiles Cleaner Pad

    DIY PVC Tiles Cleaner Pad Tool on Tile with Lysol

    It is a universal fact of life that tiles are hard to clean. This is especially true of the grout between tiles. Nasty grime and gunk seems to get stuck there in abnormally large amounts. Cleaning tile and ground effectively is difficult, as it relies you having a tool that is strong enough to get the leverage you need. A long handle is extremely helpful, but many store-bought cleaning tools are too flimsy to hold up to extended use. Make your own tough DIY PVC tiles cleaner pad to get this annoying job done quick and effectively!

    Using just a few inexpensive materials, you can make this DIY tile cleaner with a handle that is long enough to avoid getting bathroom debris on your hands. This durable DIY PVC tile cleaner utilizes a simple scouring pad, which you would usually use for your dishes. This means the pad is easy to replace! Read the full guide, based on a build by Instructables, below.

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  • DIY PVC Water Hose Caddy

    DIY PVC Water Hose Caddy with Wheels and green Garden HoseIf you want to keep an orderly and well-watered garden, you need a water hose caddy. These great pieces of equipment allow you to wheel your water hose around and are ideal for gardens that go around a house. Sometimes hose racks attached to the house are restricting. In these instances, a DIY PVC water hose caddy with wheels is immensely helpful!

    You can easily make a caddy for your garden hose out of PVC pipe and fittings! This DIY water hose storage device uses a few inexpensive materials to effectively carry your garden hose anywhere you need it to go. This guide, posted originally here, will help you make your very own!

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  • DIY PVC Clothes Rack

    DIY PVC Clothes Rack CompletedExtra clothing storage is a necessity. Whether they are shirts, pants, dresses, jackets, suits, or anything else, having a place to hang your clothes is important! Hanging clothes keeps them wrinkle-free and allows for easy access. Unfortunately, many houses and apartments only give occupants small closets and spaces to hang clothes. Luckily, making your own DIY PVC clothes rack is easy and inexpensive!

    This build is easy to put together and take apart, which makes it ideal for traveling, dance competitions, photo shoots, and clothing sales.  With these measurements, the rack can carry clothing up to 36" in length, but it can be customized to be taller depending on your needs! Build this DIY PVC clothes rack if you want a space-efficient, economical way to hang your garments!

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