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  • When to Use Metal Valves - Common Metal Valve Applications

    stainless steel gate valveBefore discussing metal valve uses and the various jobs they do well, we should acknowledge the fact that many types of metals exist. Just like the category of "plastic" covers PVC, CPVC, ABS, polypropylene (PP), etc., "metal" includes cast & ductile iron, brass, bronze, carbon & stainless steel, and more! Knowing exactly when to use metal valves requires knowledge of the metal and the medium.

    This blog post discusses different metal valve applications that, for one reason or another, plastic valves cannot handle. Countless specific jobs exist for metal valves, but we will focus on a broader view of applications. Diving into every single job would take far too long. But let's dig deeper into the different materials used and when to use metal valves!

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  • Common Uses for Butterfly Valves


    CPVC butterfly valve lug styleUsing PVC valves to control water in a system is not difficult and can be extremely rewarding when done correctly. These valves are especially useful in home irrigation & gardening systems, homemade fish tanking piping, and other such home applications. Today we will be looking at a few different butterfly valve applications and why these pieces of equipment are so useful.

    Many valves are made from PVC or CPVC including butterfly valves, ball valves, check valves, and more. Each type has it's own strengths and weaknesses, but butterfly valves are unique in their body style and the way they regulate flow. With a quarter-turn disc that sits amid liquid flow even while open, nothing else is quite like a butterfly valve. Further down we will discuss "wafer butterfly valves vs. lug butterfly valves," but first let's look at some uses for butterfly valves!

    Common Butterfly Valve Applications

    Butterfly valves are a quarter-turn valve that has a plastic or metal disc in the middle that rotates on a metal rod or "stem." If the stem is the body of the butterfly, then the disc is the "wings." Because the disc always sits in the middle of the pipeline, the fluid is slowed slightly as it rushes through an open valve. The following examples are a few jobs -- some specific and some general -- that butterfly valves are perfect for!

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