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  • Ordering the Right Size Cam Coupling


    Camlock couplings (also known as cam couplings, camlock fittings or cam and groove couplings) are handy tools that allow the user to connect and disconnect joints in a pipe line quickly and efficiently. The use of camlock couplings is essential in order for hoses and pipes to function properly. But ordering the right size cam coupling can be difficult.

    When using camlock couplings, it is important to know how to order a camlock coupling of the appropriate size for your project. When choosing a coupling, is important to understand the distinctions between the sizes and understand how to measure a camlock fitting.

    For the female part of the coupling, (also known as the coupler) the size is obtained by measuring the diameter of the open end, or inside diameter (ID). For the male part of the coupling (adapter), the size is obtained by measuring the diameter of the adapter end or outside diameter (OD).

    How to Measure a Camlock Fitting

    Always ensure that the inside diameter and outside diameter of your coupler and adapter match. Also, ensure that you have the correct size couplings for the size of your pipe. The tables below (which were built using info from this helpful site) detail the proper sizes to use for your projects.

    Our selection of camlock couplings includes polypropylene, nylon, and stainless steel couplings. Besides the correct size of camlock couplings, it is also important to choose the best material for the project at hand. Each material provides a unique range of benefits.

    Polypropylene and nylon couplings are both inexpensive, leakproof and light weight. Polypropylene, however is of lower density and is anti-acid. Nylon has higher density and provides heat resistance. The agricultural industry benefits greatly from their ability to transmit liquids.ordering the right size cam coupling

    While slightly more expensive, Stainless Steel cam couplings provide immense durability and anti-corrosion advantages, as well as high strength and temperature resistance. They are recommended for highly corrosive areas.

    How to Order a Camlock Coupling

    Whichever you choose, ordering the right size camlock coupling can make or break the success of a project. Before shopping, make sure that you know:

    1. The material that best suits your project. (Where will you be using the material and for what purpose? What is your budget?)
    2. How to measure your camlock fitting or pipe size. Ensure you know the necessary Threaded inside or outside diameter for the fitting.
    3. That you know how to order a camlock coupling. Find a reputable distributor, such as PVC Fittings Online that carries the size and material that you will need!


    To browse our catalog and order premium camlock couplings and caps at wholesale prices, check them out on our website!

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