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  • The Best Way to Cut PVC Piping

    One of the most common conundrums faced by PVC DIY'ers both new and experienced is choosing a method to cut PVC pipe with. Taking PVC pipe to a hardware store for cutting can be very inconvenient and costs can add up if done frequently. Learning how to cut PVC pipe yourself is easy and cost-effective. When deciding on a method, keep in mind there is no "best" way to cut PVC pipe. However, there are various tools that work well and deliver consistent results for a given situation. This week's blog post covers a handful of common PVC cutting tools and method and the situations they work best in and includes explanations on how to cut PVC pipe straight and deburring. Let's get cutting!

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  • DIY: Kid's PVC Sprinkler

    It's summer! That means the sun is high in the sky and the kids are out of school. With the weather being as hot as it is, it's important for the little ones to have a way to stay cool while adventuring outside. Here at PVC Fittings Online, we find the best solution to be an old classic: a sprinkler! This week's blog post will cover a handful of creative project guides for a DIY PVC sprinkler, a great summer DIY PVC project for kids. These projects are all very affordable and aren't time-intensive, so get ready to learn how to make a PVC sprinkler and beat the heat without breaking the bank!

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