• DIY PVC Kids' Table and Stool - Fun PVC Furniture Projects


    One of the best things about PVC pipe is how strong it is! For just a few dollars you can have a material strong enough to support human weight.  This is especially true when dealing with children, as they (obviously) do not weigh as much as adults. If you want some lightweight indoor or outdoor furniture for a low price, try making it out of PVC pipe! As stated before, PVC is strong and inexpensive, making it perfect for a DIY PVC kids' table and more!

    This blog post covers several innovative DIY projects. The first is for a durable and colorful DIY PVC kids' stool and table.  The other two show how to make full-sized furniture out of PVC, but you can always alter dimensions to make them perfect for the little ones. These projects can be even more fun when you make them with the kids' help, so enjoy yourself and get creative with these DIY PVC furniture projects!

    DIY PVC Kids' Table and Stool - Make:

    DIY PVC kids' table and DIY PVC kids' stool
    This professional-looking build shows how to make the perfect DIY PVC kids' stool and table. This table can be used for arts & crafts, homework, eating, or whatever else children use tables for! It uses large drain-sized PVC pipe for the legs and stool.

    This is a slightly complicated project, however, as it requires some precise cuts for the table and stool surfaces. Before buying materials for this, be sure you read the instructions and are capable of putting it together! Below are all the PVC materials you will need for this project.


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  • The Different Types of Adhesives Used in PVC Piping Applications

    Different Types of PVC Pipe Adhesives

    If you've ever worked with PVC pipe, you will know that it fits together quite snugly on its own. The PVC sizing system is designed in a way that prevents most slipping from occurring, but this does not mean the seal between a pipe and fitting is air (or even water) tight. Whether you are making a plumbing/irrigation system or simply building a structure out of PVC pipe, adhesives can help! There are many types of PVC pipe adhesives, but how do you decide which to use?

    A few things to consider when shopping for PVC pipe adhesives are whether the connection is slip or threaded, what the code requirements are, and what you hope to achieve with the adhesive. The most important thing to remember is that applying PVC adhesives is simple and will save you money if you do it before you encounter a problem! In this blog post we will talk about the different types of PVC adhesives, when to use them, and how to apply them correctly.

    Slip vs. Threaded Ends

    The biggest factor to consider before buying PVC pipe adhesives is end type. A slip connection consists of a socket fitting and regular PVC pipe, which "slips" inside it. A threaded connections has male and female threads (commonly referred to as MPT and FPT) that screw together. These end types require different adhesives. You cannot use thread tape on a socket fitting, as it would take up too much space. You cannot use PVC cement on threaded connections, as it chemically bonds PVC together, destroying the threads.

    Slip connections are easy to make, as all you need is a simple push to make a connection! These types of connections can be made permanent by using PVC primer and cement, two substances that go hand-in-hand. Threaded connections are made with sealant tape or thread sealant ("pipe dope") which create a tight seal between threads. PVC pipe adhesives for threaded connections allow the user to unscrew the connection if desired. It is important to pick the right adhesive for the job.

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  • Project Guides - DIY PVC Outside Movie Theater

    The summer may be over, but the outdoor fun doesn't need to be! The end of summer means less pesky bugs out and nice cool temperatures. This is perfect for bonfires, hayrides, and movie nights! Movie nights, in particular, are a great way to get friends and neighbors together for some simple relaxing fun. If this sounds like something you'd like to do, grab some popcorn and read on to learn how to build a DIY PVC outside movie theater!

    Making your own PVC movie theater is easy and inexpensive, costing much less than pre-made projector screens. PVC materials are also durable, so you will be able to reuse your DIY PVC theater countless times. Another fantastic PVC quality is its lightweight construction, meaning your PVC theater screen will be easy to set up and put away. Check out these three comprehensive DIY guides and get the best value on PVC materials right here at PVC Fittings Online!

    1. Easy DIY Outdoor Movie Screen (The Shabby Creek Cottage)

    Small PVC Movie Theater ScreenThis guide is fairly basic, but allows you to make an effective and extremely portable DIY PVC theater projector screen. It consists of a simple frame made up of 1-1/2" PVC pipe and fittings. This build uses wide legs to stay standing, but this alone may not be enough to keep it standing if the wind picks up. You may need to invest in some strong stakes! This PVC theater has a 7' x 6' screen, making it significantly larger than a standard TV screen, despite being the smallest of the screens on this list. Below is a list of PVC materials needed for this project.




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  • How to Replace a Toilet

    how to replace a toilet - toilet replacement guideWhen it comes time to replace a toilet, you may be tempted to hire a plumber. Resist this urge! Toilet replacement may seem like a messy or tedious job, but it doesn't need to be. If you go step-by-step, replacing a toilet is a simple process that can easily be completed in an afternoon! This guide will show you how to replace a toilet and what parts you will need.

    Parts Needed for Toilet Replacement

    Before you start removing the old toilet, make sure you have everything you need to put the new one in. If you are missing anything, you could have to go several days without use of that bathroom. Some of these parts may be included with the new toilet, but we have included links just in case you need them! Below are some parts for toilet replacement/repair.


    Now that you have all the necessary parts, you are ready to get started with the replacement! Make sure you have an adjustable wrench on hand to help with the bolts.

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  • Creating a Lemonade Stand Using PVC

    DIY PVC Lemonade Stand Main Image

    Nothing says "summer" like lemonade! As a child, there are few better ways to make summer memories than by setting up a lemonade stand and serving delicious, ice cold refreshment to your neighbors! The lemonade stand is a tradition that has stood for generations as a great way for young people to learn about work ethic and business basics. Making lemonade is easy. What isn't always so easy is making the stand itself. Building a stand out of wood can be difficult and expensive, as it requires sawing, screwing, and nailing. PVC pipe is a fantastic alternative to wood, so why not make a DIY PVC lemonade stand?

    What makes PVC a good building material are its weight, price, and simplicity. Its hollow, yet strong design allows PVC to be lightweight, so transporting your DIY lemonade stand will be a cinch. PVC is also a fraction of the cost of wood boards. A 10-ft. section of piping will only cost a few dollars, depending on the diameter. Screws and nails are not needed to make connections with PVC. You don't even need PVC cement in many cases, since PVC pipe is designed to fit snugly into fittings.

    These three projects are all great methods for building a DIY PVC lemonade stand. We have chosen three projects of varying complexity and size, so you should be able to find something just right for you! Full instructions are linked, as are the PVC parts required for each project. Happy building!

    1. Minimalist PVC Lemonade Stand (Simple Simon & Company)

    Simple DIY Lemonade Stand PVCWe've placed this project first on our list because it is the simplest build. However, the title "lemonade stand" is a little deceptive, as this build does not have any type of counter. It is, however, a good-looking front facade! With the addition of a small table behind, it will do the job just fine! It only uses a few, easy-to-find materials. Find all of the PVC materials you need for this fun lemonade stand below.







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  • Project Guides - DIY PVC Water Gun

    It may be August, but the summer fun is not over yet! PVCFO is based in South Carolina, so, like many parts of the country, we still have months of warm weather left. Even if it is not summer when you are reading this, it's never too early to get ready to have fun and make memories! An inexpensive way to stock up on summer supplies is to make a DIY PVC water gun. This can be a fun project to put together with the kids!

    The best part about crafting with PVC pipe is that there's no one right way to do it! Endless variations on the same project are possible, giving you complete freedom to tweak and create designs at your pleasure! This post will outline three builds that some creative DIY-ers have developed. Included are links to materials that we provide at the lowest cost anywhere! Click the images or links to view full instructions.

    1. Easy-Peasy PVC Water Gun (via Instructables)

    DIY PVC water gun finished on grassI've listed this project first, as it is not too difficult to make, but also gives you a high quality DIY PVC water gun. This project will give the little ones a dependable toy that will not break easily. The key to this project is the way it seals. The tight seal makes for strong water pressure and a more fun toy! A few of these materials are not available on our website, but they can easily be found at your local hardware store. The materials below are enough for three PVC water guns.

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  • DIY PVC Tiles Cleaner Pad

    DIY PVC Tiles Cleaner Pad Tool on Tile with Lysol

    It is a universal fact of life that tiles are hard to clean. This is especially true of the grout between tiles. Nasty grime and gunk seems to get stuck there in abnormally large amounts. Cleaning tile and ground effectively is difficult, as it relies you having a tool that is strong enough to get the leverage you need. A long handle is extremely helpful, but many store-bought cleaning tools are too flimsy to hold up to extended use. Make your own tough DIY PVC tiles cleaner pad to get this annoying job done quick and effectively!

    Using just a few inexpensive materials, you can make this DIY tile cleaner with a handle that is long enough to avoid getting bathroom debris on your hands. This durable DIY PVC tile cleaner utilizes a simple scouring pad, which you would usually use for your dishes. This means the pad is easy to replace! Read the full guide, based on a build by Instructables, below.

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  • DIY PVC Water Hose Caddy

    DIY PVC Water Hose Caddy with Wheels and green Garden HoseIf you want to keep an orderly and well-watered garden, you need a water hose caddy. These great pieces of equipment allow you to wheel your water hose around and are ideal for gardens that go around a house. Sometimes hose racks attached to the house are restricting. In these instances, a DIY PVC water hose caddy with wheels is immensely helpful!

    You can easily make a caddy for your garden hose out of PVC pipe and fittings! This DIY water hose storage device uses a few inexpensive materials to effectively carry your garden hose anywhere you need it to go. This guide, posted originally here, will help you make your very own!

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  • DIY PVC Clothes Rack

    DIY PVC Clothes Rack CompletedExtra clothing storage is a necessity. Whether they are shirts, pants, dresses, jackets, suits, or anything else, having a place to hang your clothes is important! Hanging clothes keeps them wrinkle-free and allows for easy access. Unfortunately, many houses and apartments only give occupants small closets and spaces to hang clothes. Luckily, making your own DIY PVC clothes rack is easy and inexpensive!

    This build is easy to put together and take apart, which makes it ideal for traveling, dance competitions, photo shoots, and clothing sales.  With these measurements, the rack can carry clothing up to 36" in length, but it can be customized to be taller depending on your needs! Build this DIY PVC clothes rack if you want a space-efficient, economical way to hang your garments!

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  • DIY PVC Wine Rack

    PVC Wine Rack with BottlesWine racks have been around as long as wine bottles. They can be made from virtually any material and can hold hundreds of bottles or just a few. The sheer number of wine rack variations is mind-boggling and can make it hard to decide on one for your home. A great alternative to buying one is to make your own modern-looking DIY wine rack. And what better material to build it from than PVC?

    When shopping for a wine rack, people often encounter two problems: high prices and incompatible sizes. Pre-made wine racks are sometimes seen as a luxury item, so they are priced accordingly. They can also be made too big or too small for the space you have available. A large rack will simply not fit, and a small one could look awkward. However, you can create a DIY PVC wine rack at a reasonable price to fit whatever space you have available! Keep reading to learn how to make your very own.

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