CPVC valves are tougher than PVC, and swing check valves are perfect for preventing backflow. Also, Viton rubber makes some of the strongest seals possible. Put all those facts together and you get our Viton CPVC swing check valves. These industrial-grade swing check valves can handle pressures of 150psi working pressure, making them ideal for high-demand applications. They can also withstand temperatures up to 200F (93C), so you do not need to worry about any degradation. Available in 2-1/2” to 6” sizes.

These CPVC Viton swing check valves are made to industry standards and allow liquid to flow through a system in one direction while maintaining a constant pressure after passing through the valve. Industrial-style valves are tough, with a thicker body and higher pressure tolerance than typical swing check valves. They also have stainless steel hardware that allows the valve to be taken apart for maintenance and cleaning. Our industrial valves are available with flange ends so they may be integrated into any type of piping system, not just a PVC system.

These Viton seal swing check valves are unique because of the Viton seal. This seal is created with a Viton O-ring. Viton is a special type of rubber that is extremely dense. This makes it perfect for creating a strong and resilient seal. In addition to its physical strength, Viton is also resistant to many types of liquids and chemicals. Its many competencies make Viton a highly-sought-after material for O-rings. It can usually be visually distinguished from other types of rubber due to its brown or green appearance. At PVC Fittings Online, we carry the widest selection of PVC and CPVC valves anywhere. Contact us if you need assistance.