Ductile Iron Gear Operated Valves

Sometimes, you need a specific quality for a specific industry. This is where ductile iron comes in handy. It is not as versatile as certain materials but in the applications in which ductile iron is used it excels. At PVC Fittings Online we currently stock Ductile Cast Iron Gear-Operated Valves in a variety of different sizes and disc materials. These valves are all in the lug style. When browsing our selection below, if you don't see what you need, give us a call.

Using Ductile vs Cast Iron for Gear Operated Valves

First created in 1943, ductile iron is a much newer alloy than its cast iron counterpart. Because of this, some of the problems that occur with cast iron are not an issue in ductile iron. For example, this newer alloy is more elastic than cast iron which prevents breaking caused by bending. This flexibility is beneficial for many different applications and industries all over the world. Ductile iron is the perfect option anywhere that tensile strength, yield strength, and elasticity are valued!

Ductile iron, or nodular iron as it is commonly called, is best used in the marine and underground pipeline industries. This alloy can withstand the vibration and shock that occurs in these industries because of its ability to absorb shock. A ductile iron valve’s corrosion resistance also helps when used in marine and pipeline capacities. This material’s ductile rating makes it superior to cast iron when it comes to marine industries in most cases, conforming to a swaying ship instead of breaking because of it. Ductile iron also has a higher temperature limit than cast iron, withstanding up to 650 degrees Fahrenheit instead of just 450. However, when it comes to dampening, cast iron tends to be more durable. For marine and underground pipeline, though, there is no better option than the ductile iron valves!