PVC can be used to build a multitude of items such as toys, irrigation systems, home plumbing systems and much more. Connectors and fittings are what allow users to put all the different pipes together to form the desired shape and size. PVC cement is used to create a permanent, waterproof connection. In addition to connectors and pipe, PVC accessories are also needed to create complex systems for irrigation, water treatment plants, chemical delivery systems and more.

PVC accessories: Flange bolt kits are sized specifically for PVC flanges and gaskets. A flange is a connector with a flat edge and two flanges with a gasket between them allow pipes of different types to be used under high pressure. An example of this is an iron pipe with a PVC pipe replacement section. A flange can also attach a pipe to a wall such as a closet pole or storage rack. The bolts are stainless steel for strength and durability. Gaskets for PVC pipe are made in different thicknesses for specific applications. These gaskets fill the spaces between two flanges to prevent fluids or air from leaking. Polyvinyl chloride foam and low density PVC are two types of materials used to make PVC gaskets.

Flow meters are available in clear, white or black PVC. They are used to regulate or monitor the flow of fluid through the piping system. Examples of their use can be found in irrigation and chemical plant systems. PVC ratcheting cutters save time when cutting several pieces of pipe and are also more accurate than a hacksaw and produce an edge that does not need sanding. Ball valves allow the user to turn the flow of fluid on and off. They are available for most sizes of schedule 40 and schedule 80 pipe in white and gray. PVC check valves allow fluid to flow one-way only. This is especially useful in applications such as sewer lines, chemical plants and greenhouses. They are available in white and gray and in different sizes with the amount of pressure they can handle listed on the side of the device.

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