Flexible Couplings & Caps

Whether used to connect rigid PVC, steel pipe or flexible PVC, flexible PVC couplings like our Fernco fittings provide a tight seal at a flexible joint. Made from elastometric PVC plastic, these are durable, versatile and tight fittings to use for both commercial and residential purposes. PVC flexible couplings create a leak-proof seal on whatever type of pipe they are attached to. They are sealed using a stainless steel clamp installed with 60 lbs of torque. The stainless steel claim is rust proof and corrosion resistant, so it will provide a long-lasting seal, even in underground applications or in systems that are in contact with corrosive materials.

The elastometric PVC material is resistant to UV rays, fungal growth and the gases from normal sewage applications. They resist corrosion from chemicals and can handle maximum operating temperatures of 140 degrees Fahrenheit and minimum operating temperatures of 30 degrees Fahrenheit. This makes these fittings a good choice for outdoor, underground applications.

Because they create a leak proof seal that protects against both infiltration and exfiltration, PVC flexible couplings are the coupling of choice for residential and commercial sewage operations. Flexible PVC couplings are also often used in conductors, roof drains, vent piping and house-to-main systems. These fittings can also be the choice when repairs of a piping system are warranted. They are easy to install and replace, when needed, which makes them popular with plumbing contractors. They are also commonly used by municipalities that need a durable, yet affordable coupling option.

We stock a wide range of flexible coupling options. Our smallest coupling are 1 1/4 inches in diameter, and our largest options are 15 inches in diameter. We also stock reducing couplings to connect pipes of different sizes. All are made from the same rust and corrosion resistant materials to ensure your system is functional for a long time.

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