Loop Hanger

A loop hanger is a pipe accessory that loops around a pipe in order to support it. Loop hangers are similar to clevis hangers, split ring hangers, and clamp hangers, which are all examples of pipe hangers, but there are qualities that help to set loop hangers apart from the rest. Below you can find the loop hangers that we offer. Feel free to browse our selection or keep reading to find out what makes loop hangers unique!

It is easy to look at a loop hanger and see its similarities to other pipe hangers. However, it is also easy to notice the straightforward aspect of loop hangers. Their design is simple but effective, looping around a pipe and connecting to a beam or ceiling for support. Loop hangers have keyed insert nuts to guarantee the loop hanger and insert nuts stay together. This type of pipe support is highly recommended for the suspension of non-insulated, stationary pipe lines.

Currently, we have a number of different loop hangers available. Our loop hangers range in size from ½” to 2” and come in either standard duty electro galvanized or copper epoxy. This variety offers our customers the chance to get the loop hanger that meets their needs and the needs of their specific industry. Both of the materials that we offer provide strength and durability while also being surprisingly lightweight. This ensures that the loop hangers never weigh down the pipe or pipe systems that they are supporting. Our loop hangers are available at low costs without sacrificing efficiency!

At PVC Fittings Online, we offer a selection of different pipe support products and more are being added all the time. If you have questions about loop hangers or any of our other products, please feel free to contact us at (866) 777-7990!