Split Ring Hangers

Split ring hangers are a type of pipe hanger similar to clevis hangers, loop hangers, and clamp hangers. This type of hanger is shaped like a ring that is split in the middle. The two halves of the ring open up to fit the pipe and are then secured with a bolt. This type of pipe support is like the other pipe hangers but with some unique differences. You can browse our selection of split ring hangers or keep reading below to find out if split ring hangers are the pipe hanger for your industry!

Split ring hangers help to suspend pipes from beams, ceilings, rafters, and walls. Unlike some of the other hanger options, split ring hangers can be used for both vertical and horizontal applications. Split ring hangers also promote electrical conductivity and are often used in electrical industries. They have excellent corrosion resistance and are made to support stationary, suspended non-insulated pipe lines. Because of their design, split ring hangers naturally provide users with an easy installation due to their hinged design.

The split ring hangers that we have available come in a variety of sizes and materials. Our split ring hangers range from ½” to 2”, giving our customers the option to find a size that will work well for them. They are come in both copper coated and malleable iron, depending on your preference. Our split ring hangers are designed to fit copper and steel pipes tightly while also providing economical installation. These materials are strong, yet lightweight and come at an affordable price.

At PVC Fittings Online we offer a selection of different pipe support products and more are being added all the time. If you have questions about split ring hangers or any of our other products, please feel free to contact us at (866) 777-7990!